Our Services

Deep-cleaning services using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Rinse booth for general cleaning and rinsing
  • Hot water immersion tank  uses soaking and agitation to remove heavier soils
  • High pressure, hot water spray wash cabinet safely blasts dirt and grease away
  • Ultrasonic cleaning tank deeply cleans internal recesses and hard to reach areas 

  • Measure internal and external cavities
  • Range 0.0625 in to  8 in
  • Precision 0.0001 in or 0.10 mm

  • Preliminary visual inspection for massive defects included with every cleaning service  
  • Post-cleaning inspection services using magnification and dye penetration to help uncover hidden defects
  • Threaded hole repair to help bring your component back to a useful state   

Contact us with specific pricing questions.  The average project is around $175.